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By | February 20, 2016

Freedom 251 Phase 2 Booking 2016

Finally on Friday, Ringing Bells management has started the booking procedure of Freedom 251 mobiles. In spite of paying 251 Rs to the company everyone got successful booking message for no payment made. The total payment to ne made after the confirmation mails is 251+40=291/- . Still everyone has doubts regarding the price that how can one manufacture a 3G smart mobile @251/-.

Many consequences and experiences are doubling the doubt over Ringing Bells. Mohit Goyel, Marketing Director of Ringing bells have declared that they might complete 50 Lakh pieces dispatching by June 2016 , but the orders were in crores. Considering the past experience like Akash tablets which declared that they would built tablet pc’s for less cost and took 40 lakh orders was able to supply only 2.5 lakh pieces. Also a 3G smart mobile can cost nearly 2500/- along with taxes.

Rumors spreaded over the issue that the company has applied for the bank loan in order to manufacture these pieces. A memory card cost 250/- where freedom 251 has an internal storage of 8GB for just 251/-. These questions are puzzling everyone , so we must wait for few more minutes and should check for the genuine reasons that can judge the bookings. The most trending and hot topic over Social media and news media carried high hipe to the mobile, this generally put the management in risk.

However bookings are still continuing up to 21st February 2016. Try not to book to many products as Cash on Delivery is not present. 251 Rs might not be huge amount but once if you are discouraged about this 251/- matters a lot.

Note: Update on 20th Feb 2016: Finally, we are unhappy to say that the bookings for the Freedom 251 phase 1 has been closed by the official website www.freedom251.com. However it may release the bookings for the phase 2 sales after few days. We will be reaching you sooner with the exact date and timings.

Booking close of phase 2

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